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MIBOT is a UK based company that promises to bring the best products that can help improve potential, safety and knowledge. Whether you are into Cycling, Horse Riding, Football, Water sports, Alpine, Motorsport, Extreme sports, or even for work and around the home, there is something here for everyone.

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Soloshot 3

No cameraman? No problem.
Film yourself from the perspective of the spectator, without the help from another person. You wear the Tag which is durable, lightweight and low in profile, the Tag is also waterproof and shock resistant to withstand harsh environments. The Base tracks you, and keeps the Camera pointed toward you using automatic pan, tilt and zoom to keep you in the shot. Take the automated capture experience to a whole new level and resolution with up to 4K video using our custom line of Cameras.

Latest News

CEECOACH – the ultimate in communication for small groups

The system for easy group communication – the best in communication technology

With the new CEECOACH™ 2-6 participants can communicate over a distance of up to 500 meters (1600 ft) without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology. Whether you are cycling, winter sports, extreme sports, climbing or doing winter sports: CEECOACH™ networks even without a network. The CEECOACH – 2 Pack includes the x2 Jabra Chill ear piece and microphone, charging cables and charger plug.